Mathematical Tidbits (08/26/2006)

Prepared by:

Joseph Malkevitch
Mathematics and Computing Department
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, NY 11451

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The items listed here are short sets of notes that I have produced in preparation for Mathematics and Computer Club talks that I give at York College (CUNY) or for presenations that I make in my classes. I hope that students and/or teachers will find them of some value.

Tidbit 1: Sprouts (A Combinatorial Game)

Tidbit 2: ISBN Numbers

Tidbit 3: UPC Code Primer

Tidbit 4: Zipcode Bar Code

Tidbit 5: Geometric Packing

Tidbit 6: Bin Packing

Tidbit 7: Credit Card Mathematics

Tidbit 8: Art Gallery Theorems

Tidbit 9: Basic Fairness

Tidbit 10: Trees

Tidbit 11: Induction and Geometry

Tidbit 12: Hashing

Tidbit 13: Geometry, Geometric Reasoning, and Visualizaiton

Tidbit 14: Turn Off the Lights

Tidbit 15: Geometrical Skeletons

Tidbit 16: A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Tidbit 17: Linkages

Tidbit 18: Block Designs (Finite Affine and Projective Planes)

Tidbit 19: Cell Phone Tidbit

Tidbit 20: Election Tidbit

Tidbit 21: Four-Color Tidbit

Tidbit 22: Counting Primer Tidbit

Tidbit 23: Finite Arithmetics Tidbit

Tidbit 24: N-Cube Tidbit

Tidbit 25: Traveling Salesman Tidbit

Tidbit 26: Fractions Plain and Fancy Tidbit

Tidbit 27: Matchings Tidbit

Tidbit 28: Mathematical Insights into Political Science Tidbit

Tidbit 29: Robert Aumann: Mathematician, City College Graduate, Nobel Laureate

Tidbit 30: Chomp: An Easily Described but Complex Combinatorial Game

Tidbit 31: Planar, Plane, and Non-Planar Graphs

Tidbit 32: The Mathematical Legacy of Victor Klee

Tidbit 33: Same and Different: Embeddings of Graphs in the Plane

Tidbit 34: Do Non-Circular Rollers Exist?

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