Math and Computer Talks   - Fall 2015

  Thursdays, 12 noon - 1 pm, 2C07a    ( Refreshments; No prior knowledge needed! )




 9/3/15  Uniform Transience on Graphs Dr. Radoslaw Wojciechowski
 9/10/15  The Fair Distribution of Disaster Relief Funds Dr. Joe Malkevitch
 9/17/15  Identifying the Authorship of Impressionist Paintings Dr. Minhua Huang
 9/24/15  The License Plate Challenge Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 10/1/15  Movie Screening: Stand and Deliver Dr. Rishi Nath
 10/15/15  An Introduction to Integer Partition Dr. Rishi Nath
 10/22/15  Social Justice, Equity, and the Reimagining of Math Education in and for a Democracy Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 10/29/15  An Introduction to the Putnam Competition Dr. Farley Mawyer
Interested in giving a talk ? Contact: Prof. Lidia Gonzalez,   or   Prof. Joe Malkevitch
(*) Tensor Scholars

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