Math and Computer Talks   - Fall 2017

  Thursdays, 6pm - 7pm, 2C07a    ( Refreshments; No prior knowledge needed! )




 9/7/17  How Math Majors Won Big at the Lotto Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 9/14/17  A Brief Intro to Partitions + Movie: The Man Who Knew Infinity (part 1) Dr. Farley Mawyer
 9/24/17  Movie: The Man Who Knew Infinity (part 2) Dr. Farley Mawyer
 10/5/17  Math for Social Justice: An Intro Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 10/12/17  The Math of Paying off Your Credit Card Debt Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 10/19/17@12pm  Knots and their Projections Dr. Joseph Malkevitch
 10/26/17  Proof Without Words  Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 11/2/17  Legendre and Jacobi symbols  Dr. Rishi Nath
 11/9/17  Infinities and Infinite Numbers Dr. Lou D'Alotto
 11/16/17  Pascal's Line Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 11/30/17  The Most Beautiful Equation in All of Math: Euler's Identity Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
 12/7/17  Book Sale and Puzzle Party: Puzzles, Music, Prizes, Food, & Fun! 
Interested in giving a talk ? Contact: Prof. Lidia Gonzalez,   or   Prof. Joe Malkevitch
(*) Tensor Scholars

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