Ali Sadighian

Ali Sadighian

Assistant Professor of Business

Department of Business and  Economics

York College

City University of New York


'Optimal Pricing and Production Planning for Subscription-Based Products', Joint work with T. Huh and S. Kachani, Production and Operations Management, 2010 19(1) 19-39.

'A two-stage Multi-period Negotiation Model with Reference Price Effects', Joint work with T. Huh and S. Kachani, Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, 2010 (9), 443-475.

Book review: a review on The Price Advantage, W. L. Baker, M. V. Marn and C.C. Zwada, Wiley Finance 2010, Joint work with S. Kachani, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management,  Special Issue on Pricing and Revenue Management Models in Marketing, 2012 11(3), 348-349.

Work in Progress

'Housing Monopoly Pricing in Presence of Investors: a Case for Buyback Options in Real Estate', Joint work with N. Ayvaz, working paper.

'A Competitive Newsboy Game with Temporal Price Effects', A. Sadighian, working paper

'A Newsvendor Pricing Game: Duopoly with Random Supply/Demand Structures and Fulfillment Obligations', Joint work with T. Huh and S. Kachani, working paper.•   

'Inspection Policies: A Dynamic Programming View', A. Sadighian., working paper.

'Flexible Patient Scheduling: A Dynamic Programming View', A. Sadighian, working paper.