List of talks at the Mathematics and Computer Club

prepared by::

Joseph Malkevitch
Mathematics and Computing Department
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, NY 11451

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Adventures in Taxiland

Annuity Mathematics

Apportionment and the Census

Apportionment of Parliaments

Apportionment Problems

Are Plurality Elections Fair?

Arranging Marriages Mathematically

Art Gallery Theorems and Illumination

Bankruptcy Problems

Barcodes and Operations Research

Bin Packing and Related Packing Problems

The California Recall and Mathematical Insights into Election Theory

Can One Drill a Square Hole?

Careers in Actuarial Science (Townsend)

Carousel Numbers

The Census and How the United States House of Representatives is Apportioned

Ceva's and Menelaus' Theorems

The Classical Non-Euclidean Geometries

Choosing a Wife Mathematically

Coloring Problems

Collecting Coupons

Combinatorial Games

Command Centers and Post Offices

Complex Networks

Compression of Text and Images

Convexity Geometry

Credit Card Mathematics

The Critical Path Method: A Tool for Scheduling

Decimal Check Digit Systems

Decision Theory


Diophantine Equations

Discrete Geometry

Distance Routing in Computer Networks (Pritchard)

Dynamical Programming for Biological Alignment

Efficient Snow Removal

The Electoral College: A Very Important Weighted Voting Game

Error Correcting Codes and Hamming-Golay Priority Dispute

Exotic Probability Distributions

Engineering with Fuzzy Sets (Luo)

Error Correction Codes

Fair Division (Minodora Marian)

Fair Election Systems

Fairness in Health Care

Familiar and Exotic Coordinate Systems

Financial Options: The Black-Scholes Equation

Finding the Distance Between Molecular Sequences

Finate Arithmetics

Finite Fields

Flows in Networks

Folding and Unfolding

Forgotten Tongues: Innovations in Early Computer Languages (Lewis Lasser)

Fractions Plain and Fancy

The Game of Life (Strassberg)

Games Businesses Play

Games Where Luck Does Not Matter

Geometric Packing Problems

Geometric Probing

Geometric Skeletons

Geometric Symmetry

Geometry and Mathematical Induction

Graph Coloring Problems

Graphs, Sequence Comparison, and Phylogeny

Guarding Guards


Hamiltonian Circuit Problems for Polyhedra

Hamming Codes

How Can Computers Determine What They See? (D’Alotto)

How do Computers Solve Linear Systems? (Dai)

How do I get there from here?

Induction in Geometry

Infinitude of the Primes: Proofs from the Book

Integer Solutions of Linear Equations

Introduction to Maple: A Computer Algebra System (Cooley)

Irish Contributions to Mathematics

Isosceles Triangle Polyhedra

Iteration: Fixed Points, Orbits, and Escape (Strassberg)

Languages and Machines (Pritchard)

Learn to Play the Game of Sprouts

Leonhard Euler's Contributions to Mathematics: Part I

Lights Out (a puzzle) and Sprouts (a game)

Knot Theory

Machine Scheduling

Markov Chains

Mathematical Marriage Theorems

Mathematics and Cell Phone Technology

Mathematics and Rationality

Matrix Games

Mathematical Flim-Flam (Wachtel)

Mathematical Games

The Mathematical Legacy of Victor Klee

Mathematical Trees

Mathematics for the Human Genome Project

Mathematics of the Electoral College

Mathematics of Tournaments

Mathematics of Web Browsers

Measuring Income Inequality

Methods of Voting

More Mathematical Flim-Flam (Wachtel)

Multiprocessor Scheduling


Network Flows

Network Security (Scott Dexter)

Neural Networks and Pattern Association (Luo)

Non-circular Rollers and Convexity

Number Systems (Hammerman)

Numbers and Their Representation

Of What Use Are Differential Equations?

Online Tutoring (Sunmonu)

Overcoming Gerrymandering

Mathematical Aspects of Fairness, Equity and Justice

P-adic Numbers

Paths, Paretheses, and Polygons

PERT/CPM - Doing the Little Jobs that Make Up the Big Job (Cooley)

Pile Splitting, Partitions, and Recursion

Points, Lines and Duality

Political Games

Polygon Jigsaw Puzzles

Polyhedra and Their Graphics

Polyhedra, Origami, and Mathematics

Polyhedra: Plain and Fancy

Polyominoes: In Memory of David of Klarner

Prisoner’s Dilemma: A Paradoxical Game

Problem Posing

Projective Geometry

Proving the Impossible (Wu)

Pythagorean Triples and a Problem in Geometry

Pythagorus: the Man, the Math, and the Myth (Cooley)

Ramsey Theory

Rational and Irrational Numbers (J. Marquez; student)

Repeating Decimals

Representing 3-Dimensional Polyhedra in 2-Dimensions

Residents, Hospitals, and Mathematical Marriage Theorems

Roulettes and Polygonal Roulettes

Running the Hilbert Hotel

Quadratic, Cubic, and Quartic Equations (Dai)

Quadratic Forms

Rational and Irrational Numbers (Marquez, student)

A Sampler of Research Problems

Scheduling a Single Machine: A Surprisingly Complex Problem

Scheduling Machines

Scheduling Machines and Packing Bins

Scheduling Theory

Sequence Validation by Optical Map Matching (Antoniotti)

Shogi: Japan’s Game of Strategy (Wachtel)

Software For Free (Eric Tyrer)

Solutions and Applications of Difference Equations

Some Mathematical Problems and Their Solutions (Mawyer)

Sorting Pancakes and Genome Rearrangement

Story of Infinity (Dai)

Street Sweeping, Garbage Collection, and Snow Plowing

Structured Matrices and Fast Algorithms (Tabanjeh)

String Matching Algorithms

The Sylvester-Gallai Theorem: A Discrete Mathematical Gem

Symmetry and the Visual Arts

Taxicab Geometry

Tennis and Mathematics

A Tree of Life?

Trees and Their Uses

Trees and Weighted Trees

Trucking with Mathematics

The Traveling Salesman Problem

The Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Relatives

Urban Geometry

Valence Sequences in Graphs

Valentine for Paul Erdös

Voting Games

Weighted Voting

What is Actuarial Science? (Dai)

What is Computational Geometry?

What is Mathematical Modeling?

What is Utility?

Where is the middle of a graph? (Skurnick)

Will the Best Man Win the November Election? Mathematical Insights into Elections.

Women in Mathematics

Zero-sum Games


Names in parentheses are those of speakers for these talks. Talks with no name listed were given by Joseph Malkevitch

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