Here are some pages that I find especially interesting or valuable:

Mathematics and Computer Science


* citation index (This is an entry point to search for finding recent work in mathematics and computer science. In many cases, there are links to preprints of recent work. Very valuable for researchers.)

* Directory of Mathematics Resources on the Web (This is a collection of sites that enable one to reach a wide variety of servers devoted to mathematics, mathematicians, and applications of mathematics.)

* Resourses for Students (Lots of links to information about careers in mathematics, software, history, games, research, summer activities, etc.)

* Topics Index for Various Parts of Mathematics (Web pages which are organized by various topics within mathematics such as hisotry, number theory, geometry, etc.)

* Electronic Journals (This site has a list of many of the electronic journals that are currently available in Matheamtics, including links so that one can look at the current and past issues of these journals.)

* Stories About Recent Developments in Mathematics and CS (This site has articles and links to articles of developing stories that involve mathematics and computer science (and science).)


* geometry junkyard (David Eppstein's fantastically rich suggestions about fascinating topics concerning geometry on the web. Also look at his geometry in action and recreational mathematics links.)


* History of Mathematics (This wonderful site has brief biographies and pictures of many mathematicians. There are also a wealth of essays about topics of historical interest for mathematicians.)

Research Problems

* Open Problems Project (This a very rich collection of recent problems with an emphasis on the interface between geometry and computer science.)


* Search for Mathematical Keywords (One can enter author names and key words and be directed to a variety of good sites with mathematical content related to these terms. UNFORTUNATELY, it appears as if this site is no longer being maintained.)

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