Research Problems for Undergraduates and High School Students

Prepared by:

Joseph Malkevitch
Mathematics Department
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, New York 11451

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Web page:

1. This is a collection of Mathematics and CS Problems maintained by Erik Demaine, J. Mitchell, Joseph O’Rourke.

2. This is a small collection of problems I put together and some resources for undergraduate and high school research work.

3. Students may find the articles here of interest in helping them get started on research projects:

4. Problems in topological graph theory can be found here.

5. Douglas West maintains these pages about combinatorics and graph theory problems:

6. Here are some famous and hard open problems in number theory.

7. Here are a broad spectrum of open number theory problems.

8. Here are a collection of, in some cases long standing, open problems in broad array of fields.


If you make progress on my open problems, please share your results with me.

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