My American Mathematical Society Feature Column Articles in Chronological Order

Prepared by:

Joseph Malkevitch
Department of Mathematics and Computer Studies
York College (CUNY)
Jamaica, New York


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Here is a list of the columns I have written for the Feature Column of the American Mathematical Society, starting with the first.

1. Nets: A tool for representing polyhedra in two dimensions

2. Voting and Elections

3. Mathematics and the genome

4. Apportionment I

5. ApportionmentII

6. The digital revolution I: Barcodes

7. Linkages: From fingers to robot arms I

8. Digital revolution II - Data compression codes and technologies

9. Linkages II - Old wine in new bottles

10. Combinatorial games I - The world of piles of stones

11. Matroids: The value of abstraction

12. Digital revolution III -Error Correction codes

13. Combinatorial games II: Different moves for left and right

14. Mathematics and art

15. Oriented matroids: The power of unification

16. Primes

17. A discrete mathematical gem

18. Colorful mathematics I

19. Colorful mathematics II

20. Colorful mathematics III

21. Colorful mathematics IV

22. Cubes

23. Diagonals I

24. Diagonals II

25. Complex networks

26. Bin packing

27. Bin packing and machine scheduling

28. Machine scheduling

29. Voting games I

30. Voting games II

31. Mathematical marriages

32. Euler's polyhedral formula

33. Euler's polyhedral formula II

34. Resolving bankruptcy claims

35. Mathematics and cosmology

36. Sales and chips

37. Trees: A mathematical tool for all seasons

38. Mathematics and internet security

39. Finite geometries?

40. Rationality and game theory

41. Mathematics and the brain

42. Taxi!

43. Urban geometry

44. The process of electing a president

45. Gray codes

46. People making a difference

47. Mathematics and Climate

48. School choice

49. Keep on trucking

50. Mathematics and Sports

51. Who won!

52. Price of Anarchy

53. Complexity

54. Going, Going, ..., Gone!

55. Weird Rulers

56. More Precious than Gold?

57. Mathematical Modeling

58. Hurricane Sandy Meets Mathematics

59. Sustainability

60. Words and More Words

61. Periods

62. Magical Mathematics - A Tribute to Martin Gardner

63. Mathematics and Chemistry: Partners in a Changing World

64. Mathematics and Psychology

65. Mathematical Careers

66. Mathematics and Ecology

67. Are Precise Definitions a Good Idea?

68. Mathematics and Crystal Balls

69. Theoretical Mathematics Finds Use in Economics--A Tribute to Lloyd Shapley

70. Remembering Bill Thurston (1946-2012)

For brief abstracts of some of these columns, here is the list of Column Articles I wrote with some annotation listed in reverse chronological order:

My American Mathematical Society Feature Column articles