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Chapters in Books:

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Computer-Assisted Instructions (CAI)

Participated in CAUSE I, CAUSE II, MISIP and Title III grants under which CAI software has been developed for these following courses:
Computer-Assisted Instruction Related Publications:

Preparatory chemistry and physics: A CAI approach by D.C. Jain and T. Howard McGee J. Chem. Educ. 57, 253 (1980).

Computerized learning programs for freshman physics by D. C. Jain and Frank R. Pomilla, AAPT Announcer 10, 81 (1980).

Computer software designs for college science courses by D. C. Jain, T. Howard McGee and Frank R. Pomilla, J. College Science Teaching 14, 480 (1985).


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Honors in Physics and Mathematics in B. Sc.
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Outstanding Educators of America Award, 1957.
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