Web Portals

 Yahoo! - awesome coverage

 Excite - PC Magazine Editor's Choice (September 1, 1998)

 Lycos - provides page abstracts

 MSN Internet Start - to get a full experience, use IE browser.

Directories and Reviews

 AOL NetFind - America Online

 dmoz - Open Directory Project (no ads display)

 Snap –Idealab

 Search Engine Watch - keeps you updated

 Search Engine Showdown – reviews

 Best Search Tools Chart – an overview on selected search engines. InfoPeople.

 All the Web – includes foreign languages

 Search Engine Land - a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry.

Search Engines

 Google - the most popular

 Yahoo! Search My Web – 2.0 Beta

 AltaVista Search - the widest range of power search functions, e.g., phrase, Java applets

 AltaVista Translations - English, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

 Northern Light - particularly for business info

 HotBot - precision

 CompletePlanet - searches "sources in the deep Web."

 Starting Point - fast search speed

 WebCrawler - small in scope, but relevant in result

 Scirus.com – a search engine “for scientific information only.”

 WiseNut - Asian languages, too.

 Ask - an Ask Jeeves Property

 ThoroBrowser - Lexington Public Library

 Wikia - an open source search engine

 StumbleUpon - push search and discovery of info without a query

 Cuil - founded by former Googlers

 Blekko – edited lists of Web sites slashtags

 Bing – Microsoft

 Yelp – a popular choice for searching local business

Meta-Search Engines

 Vivisimo - search results are organized in folders

 Cyber411 - searches 13 search engines

 DogPile - searches 25 search engines

 Highway61 - selected search engines only

 InternetSleuth - one of the largest collections of searchable sites

 Mamma - searches Web, Usenet, news, stock symbols, and company names

 MetaCrawler - one of the earliest meta-search engines

 MetaFind - InfoSpace

 C4 – 9 categories. NetGears

 Ixquick Metasearch - fast and smart, customizable.

 All 4 One – searches 8 engines, results are grouped



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