Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image72.gifMEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCE 


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifU.S. National Library of Medicine

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifNOAH Health Center - NOAH: New York Online Access to Health. City University of New York

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifReuters Health Information Services 

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifHealthFinder - a free guide to reliable consumer health and human services information, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifWorld Health Organization - outbreak News, Statistics worldwide, etc.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe New York Academy of Medicine – a public medical library in the New York City area

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMayo Clinic - a not-for-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness. 


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Merck Manual - diagnostic handbook. In Merck & Co., Inc.'s Web Site, select "Publications, The Merck Manual".

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical EncyclopediaU.S. National Library of Medicine

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Dictionary - U.S. National Library of Medicine

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedcineNet - general reference

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifAsk Dr. Weil - one of the most well-known sites

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifVirtual Hospital - the University of Iowa, College of Medicine.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMed Help International - "Virtual Medical Center for Patients"

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe National Library of Medicine Classification


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifAMA Physician Select -the American Medical Association (AMA)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifDoctorDirectory - doctors listings nationwide, hospital directory, health plan directory, and health new & information directory.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifDirectory of Health Organizations Online - U.S. National Library of Medicine

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedWeb Biomedical Internet Resources - hosted by Emory University's Health Science Center Library.A

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifProfessional Misconduct and Physician Discipline - New York State


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifWorld Health Organization

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gif Center for International Health Information (CIHI)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifNational Center for Health Statistics

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics (ORES)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifChemical and Biological Weapons - possession and programs, past and present 


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gif Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions InfoNet

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifHarvard Medical School

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifYale Medical School

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifWeill Medical College of Cornell University

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifNYU School of Medicine


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifCancer - University of Pennsylvania

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPrevention Online - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Substance abuse, treatment, mental health.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifCancer Trials - a list of ongoing clinical trials.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifEvidence-Based Medicine - Oxford-Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, UK

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifVirtual Trial - Brain Tumor Research


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifBioMed Central – “An independent publishing house committed to providing immediate free access to peer-reviewed biomedical research”

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifBioMed Central – browse journals

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifFree Medical Journals - dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical journals over the Internet.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifGlobalization and Health - an online journal published by BioMed Central

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifJAMA – from York IP

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Journal of Biological Chemistry  - the entire archive of JBC, 1905-2003, is available, searchable and free!

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Lancet (yorkcollege / library)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe New England Journal of Medicine (public access / library)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPloS Medicine – international open-access medical journal from the Public Library of Science

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPublic Health News Center – Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPubMed - Provides free access to MEDLINE. Sets of related articles pre-computed for each article cited in MEDLINE.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPubMed Central - an archive of life sciences journals

 Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedPage Today - medical news service, co-developed by MedPage Today and The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifBiomed Search – a search engine retrieves articles for free


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMartindale’s Anatomy & History Center – Jim Martindale’s Medical Center

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifAtlas of the Body – American Medical Association

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Atlanta South Gastroenterology, P.C.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifBristol Biomedical Image Archive University of Bristol, U.K.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifDermatology Image Atlas - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Images Duke University, Medical Center Library Online

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifForensic Anthropology: OsteoInteractive - Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Pictures / Disease Pictures – Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifPublic Health Image Library – CDC

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Images - Health On the Net (HON),  a Swiss foundation

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Atlas with 3D Images - eCureMe, Inc

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Images & Illustrations – University Library of Karolinska Institutet, Sweden's largest medical library

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMedical Images on the Web – compiled by University of Nebraska Medical Center

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifThe Medical Students' ENT Atlas - University of Toronto, Canada

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifImages from the History of MedicineU.S. National Library of Medicine 


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifInteliHealth

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifAmericasDoctor

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifWebMD

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifMediConsult

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifOnHealth

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifDr.Koop


 Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifNational Allergy Forecast

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifSelf-Help Group Sourcebook Online

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifIndex to Drug-Specific Information – FDA

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifDrug Watch - information about prescription and over-the-counter medications

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image37.gifResource Guide for Public Health Preparedness - developed by the New York Academy of Medicine Library and the National Library of Medicine (NLM)


Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image38.gif

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