InfoSpace The Ultimate Directory - Yellow/White Pages, City Guide, e-Shopping, Government, etc.

 The Ultimates - a directory of directories

 Freeality Internet Search - reverse phonebooks, email and other lookup tools

 WhoWhere - Lycos Network

 AnyWho - AT&T

 BigFoot - find people

 People - Yahoo!

 PeopleSearch - multi-search-engine in separate Windows.

Switchboard - collection of Telephone Books

The Big Book - Yellow Pages - a whole kind of Yellow Pages

Four11 - White Pages - Four11 Internet Directory Services, locate email, telephone and net phone #s.

Area Code of U.S. and Canada - remember 555-1212? This is its online version.

National Address Server - you may find missing data here.

Zip Code Directory - United States Postal Service 

Populus - "The Intelligent People Locator"

Nedsite - an Amsterdam-based portal provides links to the world's phone, fax, and email directories.

MetaEmailSearchAgent - University of Hannover, Germany.

Internet Address Finder - email directory

SavvySearch - email address metasearch

Deja's Usenet Discussion Service - email addresses

Dot Com Directory by Network Solutions

Top Level Domain Names & Country Codes

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