Cool Stuff


 The Official U.S. Time – by National Institute of Standards and Technology

 World Clock - by

 Earth Clock - ditto

 Every Scape - The real world. Online.


 Skype - free calls over the Internet

 The Pudding - free, unlimited calls in North America

 Future Phone - Using domestic USA phone to connect international calls

 HotTelephone - free international calls to 30+ countries.

 FreePhone - PC-to-Phone (domestic), PC-to-PC (international)

 Grand Central - the new way to use your phones. Owned by Google.

 eFax - faxes will sent to your email box

 UReach - get your free personal 800 number


 Metric Conversion - Wight Hat Ltd. ©2012

 Unit Converter –Digital Dutch

Online Tools

 Ballotbin - the free tool for managing your online election or survey

 Doodle – easy scheduling

 SurvyMonkey – free survey software and questionnaire tool

 Macster - MP3s for Macintosh computers

 ICQ - "I seek you", powerful program lets you chat with your friends in real time, and more.

 IQ Test - developed by Cyberia Shrink

 Poodwaddle Games - by

 Stupid Deal of the Day - Musician’s friend

 Do It Yourself – home improvements

 Flash Fabrica – brain age tests and more games

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