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 Biographical Dictionary -

 Marquis Who's Who - You can find fifty "Great Americans" Nationwide resource for obituaries

 World Biographical Index - 2.4 million entries for eminent individuals who lived in North and South America, Western and Central Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.


 Biographical Sources - A directory to biographies of scientists

Nobel Winners

 The Nobel Prize Internet Archive - Collection of information about all of the past Nobel Laureates

Inventors (U.S.)

 The National Inventors Hall of Fame - Biographical sketches of the great inventors of America


 The Complete List of Popes - Chronological listing of the Roman Catholic Popes

Royal Families

 The British Monarchy - The official Web site of the Queen.

U.S. Government

 American Presidents: Life Portraits - A Site to Complement C-SPAN's 20th Anniversary Television Series

 The American Presidency - by Grolier

 BioGuide.Congress - Biographical directory of the U.S. Congress 1774-Present


 CelebSite - Biographical information about celebrities


 Women in Sports - Biographies of female athletes indexed by sport and by name

African American

 African American Biographical Database - AABD draws its initial content from Chadwyck-Healey's acclaimed Black Biographical Dictionaries 1790-1950.

 The Faces of Science: African-Americans in the Sciences - Biographies of past African-American scientists and analysis of the current and future state of African-Americans in the sciences


 Composer Biographies - A site of brief biographical sketches of some of the more well-known classical composers

 Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers - A chronological listing of famous composers of Western Music

Online Community

 Who's Who Online - "...who are part of the worldwide Internet community."

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