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Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gif21st Century Music - published monthly by 21ST-CENTURY MUSIC, P.O. Box 2842, San Anselmo, CA 94960. ISSN 1534-3219.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifBioMed Central - medical journals

Description: Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifBiomed Search - a search engine retrieves articles for free

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifCell Press - free access to the online archive of Cell and the other premier journals of the Cell Press collection will become available in January 2005.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifDirectory of Open Access Journals - Lund University Libraries, Sweden

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifDoctoral Dissertations in Musicology (DDM) - American Musicological Society

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifEducation Next - a journal of opinion and research

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gif Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) - U. S. Department of Education

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifThe Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship - published and distributed by the ICAAP

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifElectronic Publications - National Library of Canada

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifFirst Monday - peer-reviewed online journal "solely devoted to the Internet." University of Illinois at Chicago.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifFree Medical Journals - dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical journals over the Internet

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifGlobalization and Health - an online journal published by BioMed Central

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifGoogle Scholar - academic research papers

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifGutenberg-e - Online publications by Columbia University Press, coordinated with the American Historical Association

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifInformation Research - an open access, international, scholarly journal

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifThe International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning - Athabasca University, Canada

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifIOPScience - Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifThe Journal of Biological Chemistry - the entire archive of JBC, 1905-2003, is available, searchable and free!

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifJPG - "the magazine of brave new photography"

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifLibrary and Information Science Research e-journal - published by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifMagPortal - magazine articles on various subjects

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifThe Max Planck Society eDoc Server - offers an easy to use electronic platform to document, share, manage, archive, disseminate, publish scientific information.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifMedPage Today - medical news service, co-developed by MedPage Today and The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifNOVEL Databases - New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVEL), New York State Driver License ID# required

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifOn Campus With Women - Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifThe Online Archive of California (OAC) - provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifOpen Humanities Press - journals are fully peer reviewed

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifPloS Journals - peer-reviewed open access journals from the Public Library of Science

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifPubMed Central - an archive of life sciences journals

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifSpark Notes - from Barnes & Noble

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image34.gifWorld Scientific - WorldSciNet OPEN ACCESS

Description: C:\Homepage\public_html\Image35.gif

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